Police Stunt Cars

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Welcome to Police Stunt Cars! You thought that policemen didn’t like drifts? Say no more!This game gives you the chance to drive a police car and make stunts in four different environments designed specially for stunts and drifts. You get points for every stunt or crazy thing you do. Have fun!

• 10 awesome police cars including a limousine
• 4 unique maps with many jumping ramps
• Speed and drift around the map while doing radical stunts

• WASD or arrow keys to drive
• Space key to handbrake
• Left Shift to boost car
• G key to unstuck car
• R key to reset scene
• C key to change view (camera)
• E key to turn on police lights
• X to hide instructions
• ‘1’ ‘2’ ‘3’ … ‘9’ ‘0’ to change car
• Tab or Esc to toggle pause

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